SCORPIONS plays a big outdoor show in Tallinn Song Festival Ground

The symbol of rock music, Scorpions, will perform at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds next summer.

Scorpions, masters of powerful hard rock and classic rock ballads, will perform at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on 17 June as part of their world tour. Scorpions, who last performed in Estonia ten years ago, will offer you their most powerful live production to date.

With almost 60 years on the world music stage, Scorpions have been one of the great icons of the era. The band has left a strong mark on heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal, and soft rock. Scorpions have inspired many of today’s rock stars with their music and style. 

Tickets for next summer’s first major outdoor concert will be available from 9 December at Piletilevi. 

With a long list of hits, spectacular world tours, and decades of successful studio work, Scorpions have become a band that unites generations and increasingly appeals to younger music fans. 

From their debut album Lonesome Crow (1972) to this year’s Rock Believer, Scorpions have released nineteen albums that have sold nearly 120 million copies, which makes them one of the best-selling rock artists. 

The band’s biggest commercial hit, ‘Wind of Change’ from Crazy World (1990), is one of the world’s best-selling songs, selling over 14 million copies worldwide. ‘Wind of Change’, ‘Still Loving You’, ‘Send Me an Angel’, and ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane’ are all universally acknowledged anthems of the music world and highlights of their era. Scorpions were formed in Germany in 1965 by guitarist Rudolf Schenker. Klaus Meine joined the band a few years later and it is exactly his unique voice that makes the songs of the band so recognisable.