Baltic Music Group

Baltic Music Group is one of the largest and oldest entertainment companies in the Baltic states. From the very beginning, since our establishment in 1990, we have been dedicated to developing music talents, producing high-quality music, and providing extraordinary experiences to our audience.

Our journey began over three decades ago when a small group of music enthusiasts decided to bring a new breath to the Baltic music scene. Today, we have grown into a significant force encompassing artist production, recording studios, new music composition, live music, nightclubs, touring, and much more.

Our portfolio includes thousands of concerts and events not only in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania but also further afield. We have worked with world-famous artists such as Christina Aguilera, Alice Cooper, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, The Scorpions, and Tina Turner, offering memorable experiences to millions of people.

Our goal is to continue enriching the music world, highlighting new talents, and providing quality entertainment. We are committed to sustainability and supporting community well-being, believing in music’s power to unite people worldwide.