Ville Valo “Neon Noir Tour”

The iconic Finnish band “HIM” leader Ville Valo is coming to Estonia! The worldwide tour “Neon Noir Tour” concert will be held in Tallinn on April 17, 2024, at the Helitehas. During the tour concerts, Ville Valo will introduce his latest solo songs from the album “Neon Noir” and perform the legendary band “HIM” creations.

One of the most famous Finnish songwriters and producers, Ville Valo, gained global attention as the vocalist of the gothic rock band “HIM.” This band has been cultishly loved in Estonia since the release of the album “Razorblade Romance” in 1999. The “Neon Noir” tour performances will feature well-known songs to “HIM” fans from this album, such as “Poison Girl,” “Join Me in Death,” and “Right Here in My Arms,” among other “HIM” tracks.

In 2020, Ville Valo began his solo career under the stage name “VV.” “Neon Noir” is the gothic rock genius Ville Valo’s debut album as a solo artist. Released earlier this year, the album immediately topped the Finnish album charts. New album tracks like “Neon Noir,” “Loveletting,” “Salute The Sanguine,” “Run Away From The Sun,” and “Saturnine Saturnalia” have been highly praised by fans.

The “Neon Noir” tour, which started this year and includes dozens of concerts in North and South America, will move to Australia and New Zealand in 2024, and from April, European fans will also experience this concert. The tour’s final concert will take place at the prestigious “Royal Albert Hall” in London, UK.

Ville Valo’s “Neon Noir Tour” performance in Estonia will be held on April 17, 2024, at the Helitehas in Tallinn.

Tallinn, Helitehas

17 April 2024



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